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Charlaine Harris, Sookie, and rabid fans...

Several points here:


1. Charlaine Harris is handling things well (unlike many authors I've witnessed lately - some of her sheeple fans...not so much).


2. I expect to be somewhat disappointed by this book (the last few haven't been up to snuff so no big surprise).


3. I was planning to wait for a library copy, but due to all this chaos, I'm going to find the cheapest one I can find tonight and read it this weekend (yep, even though I know I probably won't love the book).


4. I'm going back to point #1. While I may think Harris probably tried to drag this series out for money, I'm impressed with how she's handling the criticism and hope that she uses the feedback when moving forward with her future endeavors.


5. GET A LIFE PEOPLE...threatening to harm someone or yourself over the outcome of a book?? You need bigger issues in your life obviously. I'm referencing info gathered for this article.

*EDIT - I will be buying my copy at Half Price Books in Overland Park. They weren't the cheapest, but they are 1) always pleasant 2) on my way home from work 3) where I will sell this book back to when I'm done 4) one of my FAVORITE places in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!