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How To Be A Good Wife by Emma Chapman

How To Be a Good Wife - Emma  Chapman

Thank you to St. Martin's Press via Netgalley for providing me with an early copy of this novel!

I'm going to lead with - WHAT A SLEEPER READ!!

Seriously, I had a hard time in the beginning. I knew something was up, but things seemed to be moving terribly slow so at about 50%, I was getting nervous. Shortly after, I was no longer nervous, but instead was pumped up, intrigued, angry, flabbergasted...you name it - I was feeling it! My heart RACED the entire rest of the novel which I devoured in under two hours - totally worth the wait.

Chapman can definitely write some psychological drama! Readers will be curious from page one. What is going on with Marta? Something has to be going on with Marta. She's a nice enough woman. Good wife (hell, she has the book). Good mom. But something is off. She's seeing things, seeing people. Why? What's wrong with her? What caused it? And, oh by the way, what the heck happened to her parents that caused her so much trauma that her husband, Hector, had to save her?

Throughout the book there are little quotes from the book (How To Be A Good Wife) Marta received on her wedding day from her mother-in-law. Sadly, Marta is judging herself and her wifely ability on these archaic standards and she frequently thinks of herself as a failure - to her son and her husband. Hearts will ache for Marta as she fumbles through this spot in her marriage. Standing by while her son moves on and out with his life. All the while trying to piece together small memories that Hector has always provided her.

Chapman is planting seeds the whole way. They are small seeds and readers will feel like connections are being made, but they don't actually get made until it is time - I love that. This novel jumps up, bites ya, and then drags you down a windy, heart-racing path! Then the end, oh HOLY HOTCAKES, the end!! I just have feelings and suspicions and...OHMYGOSH the end.

I was provided an ARC copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not compensated for any of my reviews.

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