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The Tech Guy by Lia Fairchild

Emma vs. the Tech Guy - Lia Fairchild

February is typically a month when I succumb to my “girlie-ness” and read more love stories, women’s lit, romantic comedies, and other such books often stamped as “Chick Lit”. I don’t buy into that name by the way!

This February I had the opportunity to try out Lia Fairchild’s newest book, The Tech Guy. Have I mentioned lately that Lia is my favorite Indie author? If not, I am now. I’ve read several of her novels and I haven’t been disappointed yet!

In this story, Fairchild broaches some new ground. The Tech Guy starts as an innocent, romantic comedy. The protagonist, Emma, has worked hard to get where she is in the career of her dreams and sudden changes involving a new, sexy man in the office make her fearful that she may lose her ground. With a seemingly perfect marriage and a troubled past, Emma is a poster-child for Women’s Lit; however, by the end, Fairchild throws out a little surprise and I thought it was quite a nice surprise – I think readers will be delighted when they discover the secret Emma hopes no one will ever reveal.

Guy, the sexy, new man in the office is everything a good February/Valentine’s day read needs. He’s hot, caring, funny, and smart. Oh, and did I mention he makes Emma utterly anxious and a bit spastic? He’s the new “tech guy” after all and digging around in company info and behind the scenes details may just uncover that pesky little secret I wrote about above that Emma wants to keep hidden!

In addition to this main story, Fairchild did a good job of weaving in little subplots and side stories to make sure readers get to know her full cast of characters, who are all, by the way, endearing and fun to follow.

If you’re looking for a light, humorous, fun, heart-warming yet thought-provoking story to kick off your Valentine’s Day, I think this would be a wonderful choice!


*EDIT - this review was originally posted to Goodreads on 2/14/2013, which is why I make all the references to the month and the holiday. I am slowly, but surely moving all my reviews over to BookLikes so sorry about the non-new, new reviews!