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Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire Walking Disaster  - Jamie McGuire

I decided to post a dual review for these two books by McGuire. When rated together as a series, I give it 4 stars - I really enjoyed the story from both perspectives, though I preferred the first book (Abby's POV).


Now, I know there are all kinds of issues if one chooses to look at this relationship as based in reality, but it is fiction so I've chosen to enjoy it as such.


Travis is probably my favorite fictional boyfriend right now. Right down to his ridiculous drinking, obnoxious behavior, and his unacceptable controlling personality, but like I said, he's fictional so I love him. Let's face it, if he didn't have these issues, we wouldn't all be drooling over him - it is, after all, the bad boy that always intrigues and mystifies.


Pigeon (Abby) is an all-star female lead - LOVE her! She is witty and doesn't take Travis's crap. That isn't to say she doesn't have some of her own issues, but in my eyes, she rocks. 


Together, they are so painfully flawed, yet perfectly matched. I simply couldn't get enough and I rooted for them from the beginning. I cried many times and I also laughed out loud just as many times. Entertainingly enough, some of both were done in public!!!


I preferred Beautiful Disaster over Walking Disaster, but one of my favorite chapters/sections of the entire series is the Epilogue in Walking Disaster. I completely understand and realize that it definitely won't be the ending everyone will prefer, but I was head over heels giddy with it!