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The Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen

The Best of Us - Sarah Pekkanen

First, THANK YOU Atria books for providing me with an ARC of The Best of Us!


Pekkanen is one of my favorite authors for a reason. She is magnificent at writing women – all women (and that is not to say she only writes women – all of her characters are multi-layered and complex). No matter the age, status, or circumstance, she writes strong women characters and The Best of Us is no exception. Pekkanen has provided another set of women that we can all relate to in some way. Their stories are real and will touch close to home for many readers. You will find authenticity in her characters and her story.


Pauline, Tina, Allie, and Savannah are similar in age, but that’s where the similarities end. From a stay-at-home mom of four to a childless, real estate agent going through a tumultuous divorce, these women create a dynamic that will have readers chuckling, shaking their heads, and maybe even saying, “AMEN sister” (or maybe that’s just me)!


The corresponding male characters (all husbands to the women) are equally well-developed. Readers will experience some of the same emotional moments about them. From a cheating narcissist to a nerdy millionaire, the guys build their own dynamic that readers will delight in.


Now, onto the story, Pekkanen is a genius. Which of us hasn’t, at some point, thought about an all-expenses paid trip to some reclusive, tropical island? No kids, no laundry, no dishes, no work, no bedtime or waking time. Instead, margaritas, snorkeling, sleeping late, sunshine, reading, and a full week of alone time with your spouse. Pekkanen gives readers a chance to live that out, at least in imagination, through this amazing story. The bonds, friendships, and secrets build up and tear down throughout so it never becomes just a simple, one-layered frolic at the beach. This story offers much more. As a storm approaches the island and threatens the end of this wonderful vacation, several storms brew inside the house that none of the couples were expecting.


The Best of Us is a great story, from a wonderful author and readers will enjoy the ride experienced from this quick and well-written read.


--Side note: can anyone look at a Pekkanen cover and NOT fall in love? I don’t think any of her books have had a cover that didn’t instantly make me want to read the book. They are all so…well, just perfect!


Okay – ready to pick up your own copy? Here you go:

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*I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and views are my own. I do not receive compensation for my reviews.