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Life: As Fragile As Dust by Paul Worthington

Life: As Fragile As Dust - Paul Worthington

I'll admit that after the first few stories, I was a bit lost. I wasn't sure about this book of stories or if I'd continue. I think by the synopsis of the book, I was expecting something quite different than what had appeared.

However, the stories did start to grow on me and as I contemplated those I had already finished as well as those I was just getting to, I started to come around and enjoy the book.

There is no doubt that Worthington is a creative and talented writer - not in any of the stories! The characters, story lines, and underlying meanings all point towards an abundance of both.

I do appreciate Worthington's ability to write a short story that has enough story to make readers enjoy and understand while not leaving it in a cliffhanger type style. I never felt like I had too much or too little story - he definitely knows how to strike that balance.

Some stories made me chuckle, while others left me confused, and then even others left me touched. Bottom line - this was a good book of stories and lovers of a good short story will enjoy this one.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.