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The Accidental Encore by Christy Hayes

The Accidental Encore - Christy Hayes

The Accidental Encore is a fun, flirty, sassy read! The cover had me worried that I was getting into a more erotic type book, but that isn't the case so don't let it fool you if you're not into erotic type books - this one is safe!

Craig and Allie are the two main characters and they are endearing and hysterical all at the same time! Both dealing with their own past demons, they collide in a very figuratively and real way - one that starts the book off with a great chuckle!

Now, it isn't loaded with sex, but there is one interaction and let me tell you, Hayes can write one Hell of a sex scene! I definitely think there is an art to that really. It isn't gratuitous or cheesy - it is right, fun, full of chemistry, and well-written.

Hayes also deals with her sub-plots well - this story isn't just a one layered love story. Readers will meet a mix of characters all struggling with their own lives and issues which need to be resolved.