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Bulletproof (Clay and Tanner Thomas #3) by Jeff LaFerney

[(Bulletproof)] [By (author) Jeff Laferney] published on (July, 2013) - Jeff Laferney

Title: Bulletproof
Jeff LaFerney
Tower Publications
Publication Date:
July 6, 2013
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My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


My Review (originally posted at Read, Run, Ramble):


Clay and Tanner bring on the intrigue and mystery again!


As mentioned in my review of Skeleton Key, I was more than ready to move on and read Clay and Tanner #3, Bulletproof. I jumped right in because I simply had to have more of this father and son duo. I definitely got what I asked for in this installment.


First, I have to mention Jasper. I failed to mention him in my review of Skeleton Key, which is the book in which he first appears. Jasper is a-FREAKING-mazing. He cracks me up, but he also turns out to be a great friend to Clay and Tanner. He’s a self-proclaimed “little person” with some intense acrobatic skills! Seriously, readers will not find another character like Jasper out there – he is supporting character GOLD!


Now, I cannot mention Jasper without also mentioning Sherman who first appears in this novel and he is the absolute perfect counterpart to Jasper. Just wait. When you read it, you’ll get it. Sherman, like Jasper, starts out a little rough (though funny), but this story wouldn’t be what it is without him.


As for Clay, Tanner, Zander, and Erika, they are on point. Again, their stories are so interesting and fun to read that I had a hard time putting my book down. When I did, I often found myself thinking about them as I went about my day. Honestly, I’ll probably have them in my head for quite a while.


Even after all the growth from the previous two books, readers will find that Clay and Tanner are still learning to navigate the world with their abilities and as they figure it out, they simply become more and more loveable. These two make me smile from ear to ear. Erika and Clay face some conflict in this story, which I was happy to see. Every couple, no matter how perfectly they seem matched, will face conflict and LaFerney weaved some into this story for them. Additionally, Clay and Zander face their own set of conflicts. Again, I love to see this. When a novel has so many good-hearted characters, it can be a bit of a letdown (for me) if they are always “perfect”, so I greatly appreciate LaFerney’s gift for writing mistakes and major mess-ups with these otherwise squeaky clean characters without turning them into sleazy bad guys!!


The mystery – oh, let’s talk about the mystery!! I’ve heard it said that Bulletproof is the “best” of the Clay and Tanner novels. I think it really might be the best. This story had me guessing and wondering the entire way through. I don’t know where LaFerney gets these ideas, but his mystery-building mind is unbelievable. AND, he’s offered up another ghost story component in this novel. There are a few ghosts looking for resolutions and readers won’t be disappointed with their stories!


At this point, I have no idea if the Clay and Tanner series is complete or not, but I can say that I will jump at the opportunity to read more of their stories should LaFerney write them.