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Skeleton Key by Jeff LaFerney

Skeleton Key - Jeff LaFerney

Title: Skeleton Key
Jeff LaFerney
Tower Publications
Publication Date:
July 6, 2013
ebook purchased from Amazon




My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


My Review (originally posted at Read, Run, Ramble):


I was so excited to get back into Clay’s and Tanner’s world and Skeleton Key gave me just what I wanted – intrigue and fun!


Clay and Tanner, still feeling the effects of the events in Loving the Rain, embark on a new mystery at the request of their friend and doctor, Zander. Through this mystery, both men explore their mental abilities and while finding some new “powers” also become more comfortable with how and when to use them. I adore that these two aren’t “power hungry” types who just go wild with newfound abilities. They are careful and thoughtful about the things they can do, which makes me appreciate them even more. Additionally, I enjoy that they have included the science and help from Zander. Having some explanation to what abilities they have obtained and how is fun and interesting!


If you’ve read my review of Loving the Rain, you’ll remember that I loved LaFerney’s ability to write a GREAT bad guy. Well, he’s back with another and like the first novel, the evilness finds its way into lots of crevices readers may not expect! I enjoy a well-written bad guy and LaFerney has that down solid for sure.


The mystery in this one, like other mysteries I’ve read from LaFerney, has twists and turns all over the place, but they are written and organized well. As new info came to light, I never felt lost or confused, but things were never so easy that the plot just bared its soul to me. For sure, I had some ideas of what might have happened, but until readers get through the end, there are questions.


Oh, and I cannot fail to mention the ghost story! Oh yes, folks, there is a ghost story woven in and it just takes the story and the plot to an entirely new level (not to mention Clay’s abilities which are impacted by this little added nugget).


Like the first novel in this series, Skeleton Key kept me up into the wee hours of the morning turning pages and I cannot wait to dive into #3 (Bulletproof)!