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Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Hopeless  - Colleen Hoover

When I picked up Hopeless, I was expecting a general, run-of-the-mill New Adult novel. However, I got quite the surprise!

Sky isn't your everyday high school girl. She’s home schooled, her mother has banned ALL technology (no TV, no cell phones, no computers or internet…nada), she’s an adoptee, and she basically has one friend who lives right next door. So to say she’s sheltered is an understatement.

Despite being sheltered, she’s been sneaking boys in through the bedroom window (lots of kissing, but that’s all for Sky) for quite a while now thanks to BFF Six, who goes to the local high school and has built quite a reputation already. So when Sky convinces her mother to let her go to public school for her senior year, she’s met with a preformed reputation herself.

Enter Holder, typical hot guy – muscular, athletic, mysterious, bad boy, gorgeous eyes, etc. Of course Sky and Holder run into each other and Sky is intrigued. That’s all “typical” I’d say, but that’s pretty much where typical ends.

Holder’s got a secret and it is HUGE. During his chance meeting with Sky, it is apparent that something about her is familiar and that it is causing him some major grief, but why? Does she remind him of someone he’s loved and lost? Does she look like an old girlfriend or relative? What – I mean he seems really angry during their meeting.

From this point forward, I just couldn't put the book down. Hoover made Holder so sweet and didn't overdo the aggressive, bad boy part. There’s enough for intrigue, but once she’s established his character, she moves on. Sky is a vulnerable, virgin, young girl, but she’s also funny and strong. She doesn't just go ga-ga over Holder and decide that’s all she has left to live for – she continues being her, but her in “live” (yes, live, not love – read it, you’ll see). And it is refreshing because yes there’s instant attraction and intense kissing scenes and all of that, but it is tastefully done and never once does Hoover leave out the caring, the sweetness, or the mystery that still plagues the two. Both Sky and Holder have a past, and there are some deep, dark secrets that explode in this one on both sides.

The novel also has some strong and interesting supporting characters. Six is a hoot and when she heads out of town, Sky’s new BFF becomes one of the best sidekicks readers may ever read in a NA Fiction novel.

There were a few scenes after the secrets explode that I just didn't get because I've really never processed things in the way the author depicts them and the recovery Sky goes through just felt…weird. But, those scenes are minimal and they aren't too drawn out either so I still loved the book and do recommend it!

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