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Loving the Rain by Jeff LaFerney

Loving the Rain (Clay and Tanner Thomas, #1) - Jeff LaFerney

Title: Loving the Rain (Clay and Tanner Thomas series)

Author: Jeff LaFerney

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: Tower Publications

Publication Date: June 2, 2010

Format: Kindle Edition purchased from Amazon


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My rating: 4 of 5 stars


My review (published at Read, Run, Ramble):


Loving the Rain by Jeff LaFerney is a fun and intriguing mystery with a twist!


Father and son team, Clay and Tanner, have extra “mental abilities”. These abilities are a blessing and curse all at once and readers will learn each side through both men’s experiences in this novel. This part of the story is highly interesting and I loved it. Clay and Tanner struggle with their abilities and try to understand them throughout the story. What they could never know is that there is an unknown danger getting closer and closer to their family – can the mental abilities get them out of it, or will they only serve to make things worse?


Another added element to LaFerney’s mystery tale is sports – lots of sports. Basketball with a little football to be more specific. Now, I’m a sports fan so that worked for me. The author’s love of sports is very clear and it added to the excitement both Clay and Tanner feel about the sports in their lives.


Mystery readers love a good bad guy and this book has one. Actually, it has a couple and they’ll get right under your skin and make you squirm at their pure criminality and evilness. But, don’t assume you have things all figured out; there are definitely some twists and turns to keep the intrigue at a high level.


An engaging, well-written and suspenseful novel, Loving the Rain kept me turning pages until about two in the morning (and I do love my sleep)!!