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So much drama - I just want to read!

When Harper Lee's sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, I was immediately giddy. Then I thought about it a little and I got a little concerned. I've read articles in support of the book and others which match my skepticism.

I hate to feel this conflicted about reading a book. I hate that I know I have to read this book no matter what. I hate knowing that someone might have done something unscrupulous and knowing that means Lee may not be completely aware of what is happening or even being compensated as she should be.


Here's the latest article I've read on the topic. I'm guessing that I'll continue to follow the news/media and I'll make a very last-minute decision when the book is published (to read or not to read), but I honestly cannot see myself going through the ensuing years of my life having not read this book.